Foam Core Board Frame
Finished project.
Cover edges with small bits of masking tape.

Spray with metallic silver spray paint.

 Gift Tube 
Begin with two empty ribbon spools. They don't have to be the same thickness, but they do need to be the same circumference. I try to use a thicker spool for the bottom to strengthen my tube.

Peel one side off of each spool.
Cover remaining sides with decorative paper.

Apply double sided tape to bottom spool. Cut a piece of acetate (transparency plastic) the diameter of the spool tube plus about 1/2", which will be the length, and the height will be as tall as you want it to be, 8-10" is about the size I usually make. Apply double sided tape to the height side. Peel away paper backing on tape on the spool and carefully apply the length side of the acetate to the spool, wrapping around and overlapping where you want the back to be. Peel backing off of the side of the acetate, carefully lining up the overlapped edges and sealing to form the tube.

Add a strip of paper around the bottom to cover the cardboard showing through the tube. Attach a strip around the top of the acetate tube to hide the cardboard that will show when the lid is inserted in the top. Decorate with ribbon or other trims and attach a tag. A circle of paper can be adhered to the inside of the lid to cover the cardboard, if desired. A loop of ribbon can be inserted through the hole in the lid to make a handle to lift the lid up. If you will want to use the ribbon to lift the whole gift tube, you'll need to either tape the lid to the tube, or tie it securely with ribbon (top to bottom).

Andes Mint Cover


1) Cut a piece of card stock 6 1/4" x 11 1/2" 

2) Score across short width at 3", 3 7/8", 6 7/8", 7 3/4", 10 3/4" from edge.

3) Mitre corners on 3/4" strip about 1/4" from outside edge to score line (see photo).

4) On right side of card stock, lay a strip of double sided tape along edge of 3/4" section.

5) Fold along score lines, remove protective strip from tape and adhere to inside of card stock along the narrow  scored section to form an open box.

6) Decorate outside front cover and inside cover. I like to round or use decorative corner punches on front corners.

Sparkly Stick-Ons

Here's the step by step:
  1. Place the shape on a scrap piece of black card stock so it can be seen better as you work. 
  2. Cover the whole piece with a layer of Glossy Accents. It flows within the cutout as long as you don't squeeze too much out. I just let it drop out of the tip in the smaller areas and then gave it a little bit of pressure in the larger areas.
  3. Sprinkle it generously with a layer of ultra fine glitter.
  4. After shaking off the excess glitter, leave it to dry. 
  5. Now it can be applied to a project! A thin layer of Glossy Accents on the back will also adhere it to your page or you could run your piece through a Xyron with a permanent adhesive cartridge in it before applying the Glossy Accents and glitter. Then when it's dry, peel it off the backing paper and adhere to your project. 
Step 1

Step 2
    Step 3
    Just a few things to remember--if you want to use your embellishment as part of a scrapbook layout, make sure all your components are archival quality, otherwise your pictures will be ruined over time. If you're using your decorative pieces for cards or other projects, it doesn't matter. Also, you can use a personal die cutter, a different brand of electronic cutter, or a decorative punch. You could even cut a shape of your own design by hand and glitter it up. Save your plastic backing sheets from purchased embellishments and use them instead of buying large packages of plastic transparencies. Running small decorative pieces through the Zyron and leaving them attached to the paper backing is a great way to keep from losing them and also makes it easier to alter them. The backing paper can be punched to fit a binder, or slipped into an envelope for storage. No more loose bits of paper or trims to be lost or damaged in your drawer!

    Supplies used:
    Bazzil basics paper, Glossy Accents by Ranger, lily white sugar coating by doodlebug design.