Friday, April 28, 2017

Birds, Birds, Birds

I felt inspired this month to practice some new techniques using birds as my subject. I've always loved birds (as long as they're outside), especially songbirds. I also drew some inspiration from the scriptures, Matthew 10:29,30 (KJV) and the song, "His Eye Is On the Sparrow." Lauryn Hill has a killer version of it, by the way, that's really worth listening to and having a copy. Enjoy!

 This is an 8"x 8" canvas board. It is a mixed media piece. Materials are acrylic paints, modeling paste, paper, gilder's paste, and Faber-Castell Gelatos (a water soluble pigment stick that is similar to an oil pastel). I've stenciled, stamped, painted and smudged...
 This is also a mixed media piece done on an
 8"x 8" canvas board. The material are the same as above, with one addition, a strip of crocheted lace.
This is a 9"x 12" studio canvas. Materials are the same as above with the addition of some glass glitter and micro beads.

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