Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beautiful Moments Layout

Ever since I was first introduced to scrap-booking years ago I have loved it. Somehow, combining my favorite photos along with commentary (journaling) and creative elements really struck a chord. It's nice to have perfect albums with all the family photos carefully mounted and preserved in orderly fashion with names and dates carefully lettered under each one, but I love the personality of a scrap-booked album. Not only am I able to tell much more of the story behind the pictures, but I get to be creative in decorating each page according to the personality of those in the pictures. Sometimes, I just express myself and don't worry about whether my work reflects the likes of those in the photo. Now that so much digital storage is available, I don't always print out my photos and put them into books. A concept that I've embraced more recently is to create a scrap-book layout, but mount it to heavy chipboard and display it instead of binding it into a book. This one combines my love of multi-media with some scrap-booking concepts.


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