Sunday, March 26, 2017


     This week I decided to use one of my own family pictures to create a canvas. I used a little different process, in that I left the canvas white and immediately began adding components and layering with inks and paints. Usually I color the canvas first and then add more as I go along. This was a fun way to venture out of my normal habits and try a new technique. When using vintage and one of a kind photos, please save the originals in a nice album. Make a copy and use the print instead. This way you can enjoy your family photos to decorate your home, but still preserve the originals to be passed down to future generations. I just use a good quality card stock and a standard HP ink jet home printer, but you can have them printed at a print shop or office supply, if you desire. With the ink jet prints, I always spray with an acrylic matte sealer before using. This keeps the ink from running or fading when it comes in contact with glues, inks or other mediums. There's usually a lot of water in the mediums I use, and this technique has worked very well. I also have found that in humid climates or environments (bathroom, kitchen) prints can lose their color by absorbing moisture from the air. The sealer helps prevent that and also adds a nice, non-glossy finish to the photo.

I love the details and appearance of nostalgia that the multimedia process achieves. 

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