Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good fences make good neighbors....

     As far as cows go, I'm not really too interested (aside from the occasional steak, that is). I don't have cow decor in my home or car. I don't moo at cows when I drive past. And here in Texas, I drive past a lot of cattle!
They are just there. They generally aren't too bright or fun to watch. They are just there.
     However, last night as I was dropping my kids off at an "End of the School Year" swim party at a friend's ranch, I noticed this prime specimen in their pasture. What a great looking beast! He stood there by the fence and placidly observed as I stopped and snapped his photo. He even turned to look at me so I could get a nice face shot. He was proud and handsome--and why not? Just look at those horns! I've seen a lot of Texas longhorns since we've lived in Texas, but I think this guy has an award winning rack, even amongst his bovine peers! They are at least six feet across tip-to-tip! And look at that hide, too. This guy is definitely a contender for the cattle equivalent of a Mr. Universe contest.
     But, I was really glad there was a barbed wire fence between us, just in case he decided I was annoying him.

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Bryan W. Fields said...

Very mmmmooooooooving