Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

I love to see our flag and I love to show my love for our country, so I gathered ideas from several sources and put together this wreath for our front door. I usually opt for oval shaped wreaths rather than a traditional round one--so this is not a distorted photo, the wreath really is longer than it is wide! It's about 26" long by 16" wide. The flag has been aged and is actually a bit darker than the picture reflects. I used burlap ribbon to wrap around the wreath and make a bow. I added an aged version of the Declaration of Independence printed on old yellowed rice paper, a red berry wreath, and a tin star. Final touches were to arrange the flag so it drapes and add the little canvas banner under the bow. I sprayed it all with several coats of outdoor clear varnish to help protect it from the elements. Happy Flag Day and Independence Day!
Whole door view.

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