Tuesday, March 6, 2012


     Yeah, I know it's past Valentine's day. I just get these ideas and start working on them, so sometimes they come together "on time" and sometimes they don't. This is an artist's canvas with letter tiles I made by cutting foam core to size, coating with wall board compound, sculpting a line around the outer edges and a letter in the center. The heart is handmade from paper pulp, dyed to a pinkish color. I added some thread bits and paper snippets for texture and interest, then poured it into a ceramic cookie mold with a floral design. The tiles were painted white and an assortment of blues, grays, and touches of burgundy. The lines and letters are dark blue-gray, and then I rubbed metallic gold highlights over the tops of the letters and the designs left by the mold on the paper heart.

      The canvas is dark blue-gray with lots of light blues and grays and touches of white, pink, and gold for interest. After gluing the tiles and heart on the canvas, I decided I liked it without a frame. I may change my mind later...

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