Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running rabbits!

     Around our house, bunnies have always been the favored pet. I don't really know why. They really aren't as much entertainment as a dog or cat (or as companionable), but they are soft, sweet, and quiet. Spring always seems to be the best time for bunny themed decor, so when I came across this image as I was trying to come up with some fresh ideas for simple accents for the house that would last for the next few months, this filled the bill.
    The best part--no expense! The image came from The Graphics Fairy, If you haven't come across this site, it's wonderful! A warning though, you may have a hard time tearing yourself away once you start looking. The image is also available as a free printable page with 8 oval images (4 large/4 small) of vintage sheet music backgrounds with the rabbit centered on each here:
Think of the possibilities, bunny lovers!
     I printed the rabbit on a sheet of scrapbook paper designed to look like an old mail-order catalog. I applied it to an oval of foam core board and glued a ruffle of stained coffee filters around the outside edge of the underside.  A quick inking around the edge of the image, a layer of glitter on top of that, and attach a length of satin ribbon looped for hanging to the back and it's done. I had everything on hand., so it didn't cost a cent, even the ribbon. It had come wrapped around some blankets I picked up for the kids a couple of years ago. I couldn't bear to throw it out (it's about 1 1/2" wide, double sided satin), so I rolled it up, dropped it in a compartment of my organizer/tote and now I have a use for it, hurray for up-cycling!

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CSI girl said...

So cute!!! What a great idea! I hope you will link these up to The CSI Project. The challenge is Embossing and paper crafts. You can link as many as 3 projects and we are having a great giveaway!
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