Saturday, March 24, 2012

Repurposed Baby Crib Necklace Tree

     My baby is in high school now, but I still have remnants of those baby years hidden around the house. One of those remnants is the Jenny Lind crib that saw several babies from birth to their own "real" beds. It was a garage sale find that was well past its prime by the time my baby moved into her own bed. After several moves it was apparent it was never going to hold another baby, but I looked at all those spindles and it seemed a waste to just throw it away, so I've been holding on to it waiting for inspiration to strike. Well, it finally did. When my daughter told me she needed something to hang her necklaces and bracelets on, the lights came on. I cut a piece of the crib, mounted it on a block of 2 x 4 stacked on a square of 1 x 5 and topped it with a wooden finial. I filled all the holes from the crib mounting hardware and spindles with wood filler, let it dry, applied another coat and let it dry again. I sanded it until it was totally smooth and painted it with black acrylic paint. The final step was to thread acrylic crystal beads on nails and hammer them into the spindle at about 12" and 16" from the base. I left the top bare so she can hang a hat on it if she wants or she can put rings up there instead. I also put some self-adhesive felt discs on the bottom so it won't scratch her vanity counter or dresser top.

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